i blog here now. occasionally.

lj is for winners.


a brief comparison.

thundercats for life.


this blog died.

i think it was a dragon. wait... yeah, definitely a dragon. maybe it's a case for the Detectives Specializing In Antiquated Fabricated Animals. i heard they're pretty backlogged, though. it's a tough job trying to prove tom delay is not a chimera. maybe people should make a murder mystery dinner party game out of it over pasta with canned sauce and day-old baguettes. and a frozen key lime pie. vegan, of course. and organic. dragons can smell pesticides and indigestion-causing dairy products a mile away. sneaky dragons.


in which kids let people down.

in a stroke of massive disappointment to almost none, a temporary quarantine has been placed on this blog, until further notice, or until the author has more time to elucidate her unmistakably twisted sometimes-daily thoughts. your patience is appreciated, as are all instances of hate mail.


in which oldies become goodies.

the u.s. has got to learn from the europeans that photo booth proliferation is an international priority.